• 69
    산업분류 AI(ML/DL), big data
    회사명 Nota
    설립일자 2015.04
    대표이사 Myung-su Chae
    • Solutions for serverless, cloudless on-device AI
    • Recipient of NAVER’s first startup investment; commercialization gaining momentum with strategic investments from Samsung and LG
    • Skilled R&D and business development team to drive aggressive business expansion
  • 68
    산업분류 Healthcare, 3D imaging, deep learning
    회사명 Team Elysium
    설립일자 2017.05
    대표이사 Eun-sik Park
    • A well-laid-out road map for each growth stage
    • A social impact organization making a difference for consumers and healthcare service providers
    • Deep learning-based medical imaging S/W to add long-term value
  • 67
    산업분류 Software
    회사명 Twinny
    설립일자 2015.08
    대표이사 Hong-seok Cheon
    • Location estimation and obstacle avoidance for fully autonomous driving robots
    • Top-notch workforce; robot control platform set to go online in Nov.
    • Gaining ground in the domestic market, which is heavily reliant on imported robots
  • 66
    산업분류 Contents, AI
    회사명 Video Monster
    설립일자 2015.09
    대표이사 Dong-hyuk Chun
    • Building a production platform for both short- and long-form video content
    • High-quality services offered at competitive prices
    • Global expansion to accelerate thanks to multi-language video templates
  • 65
    산업분류 Software, security
    회사명 Widget Nuri
    설립일자 2017.08
    대표이사 Seung-hwan Choi
    • Demand for unattended/self-service devices to continue expanding amid the rise of the contactless culture
    • Convenient troubleshooting services for both buyers and suppliers of unattended/self-service machines
    • Accumulated database to facilitate platform upgrades
  • 64
    산업분류 Big data, AI
    회사명 WooKyoung Information Technology
    설립일자 2008.12
    대표이사 Yun-ha Park
    • ICT security solutions embedded with AI, big data, blockchain, and cloud technologies
    • A global SI company exporting its solutions since 2018
    • New products built on AI-based deep learning algorithms to be released by year-end
  • 63
    산업분류 Software, security, SECaaS
    회사명 Sparrow
    설립일자 2018.05
    대표이사 Il-soo Jang
    • Securing the largest domestic M/S with competitive technologies
    • Growth to accelerate with product lineup expansion
    • Overseas expansion in the ASEAN region to boost growth momentum
  • 62
    산업분류 Security, software
    회사명 Pizzlysoft
    설립일자 2016.12
    대표이사 Byeong-wan Gang
    • A proprietary technology developer (POLAR and KODIAK)
    • Building growth momentum through overseas expansion
    • Ongoing product lineup expansion
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